Homedecker is a Germany term registered trademark from Dongtai Group. It was registered in 2009 and on carpets domains, including series of cushion mat, door mat, shower curtain, table cloth and exhibition carpet. We have our own tools import and export license, and have been exporting business for over 7 years. Our products mainly export to Europe, America, South America, also Australia and South Africa, etc. 

We are always trying to offer our customer with high-quality products and good service.

Our objective is to be your long-term strategic partner, to help you optimize your profitability, and to provide you with stylish products of first-rate workmanship at highly competitive prices- with prompt and reliable service. Now we’re doing our best to creating the highest quality tools with unlimited creativity, impeccable service and the best material.



    我们是一群对互联网抱有执着信念的技术控。从2010年到现在,公司从未建过强大的营销团队,却凭着作品与服务不断保持增长,做到了"桃李不言,下自成蹊。" 我们坚信:每个客户都是一条渠道,每个案例都是一个广告 ,执着于创造与服务的公司,必将得到应有的回报。 2015年,大众创业,万众创新。为企业插上翅膀,助力企业转型升级,我们已做好准备。